The Fietsbank

The Fietsbank Foundation is a volunteer driven charity foundation that helps people who are living in poverty and can’t afford to buy and maintain a bicycle. A bicycle is a very important asset for people looking to better themselves. In the search for employment or educational oppurtunities having a cheap and reliable method of transportation available to you is critical.


Volunteers from several neighborhoods in Maastricht have created a space where these people can partake in various fun and educational activities to earn a bicycle and learn how to maintain and repair their own bicycle. Activities are organized both for adults and children.

The events the Fietsbank organizes are intended both to be educational and of a social nature, so people can get involved in their community and even get out of their social isolation.

The Fietsbank Foundation works closely together with other social initiatives in the area such as: The Voedselbank Zuid, LEFteam, De Gouwe and the Leger Des Heils (Salvation Army).